#SAC2015 Competition Coffee

11 Mar, by Kai Keong in Uncategorized, Pas de commentaire

What a day! What a competition! There’s a lot to tell, write and share with you so we give it a start by writing some words about the competition coffee. All competitors had the same coffee and all of the competitors where left completely in the dark about the details of the competition coffee. Only after the semi-finals the head judge and roaster of the competition coffee Philipp Henauer (Henauer Kaffee) revealed it to everyone: Reko, Ethopia.

The Reko washing station started its production in 2001 and is located in Kochere, Yirgacheffe region in Ethiopia at an altitude of around 1850-2100 meters. The washed coffees are first washed with water from a nearby river, after which they are pulped by an old Agard pulping-machine. The mucilage is removed by traditional fermentation, which lasts 36-48 hours depending on the weather conditions. The coffee is then dried on raised African beds (over 120 beds are present at the washing station) for 10-12 days.

The #SAC2015 competition coffee was grown on fertile, red brown, loamy soil with an average of 1800-2000mm rainfall in the region.